Slant Back Friars' Chair

Slant Back Friars' Chair

$ 1,250.00
Utilitarian necessity dictated all furniture making at the beginning of the Spanish conquest.

The austerity of the first furniture models where eventually discarded in favor of baroque and rococo taste as life in the colonies became more prosperous and comfortable.

In the monastic centers, this style had continued without any stylistic interruption, and now even seems to be precursor to the utilitarian and stark preferences made popular again in the 20th century. 

This model expresses a later freedom in execution with an exaggeration in the slant of the back and the use of surface decoration on the legs and stretchers.

  • Spanish Colonial
  • Peru
  • Sabino and heart of pine wood
  • Encised carving with spindles
Height 42", Seat Height 21", Depth 24", Width 24"